1. Social Experiment: Reblog if you are American and know of at least one family member (distant or not) that owns a gun.


    Statistically speaking if your family contains more than 3 adults there is a high likelihood you are related to someone who owns a gun because roughly 33% of Americans are firearms owners.

    If we were talking about a country like Switzerland that likelihood would be even high since about 50% of their population are gun owners.

    No one in my direct family owns any firearms(other than myself obviously) but I do have an uncle and a cousin who hunt and own firearms.

    I have an uncle, my dad, and me.

    (Source: gretchdastretch, via oldschooltactical)

  2. I just love that barrel.

  3. This is a great thing to be a part of. It’s only a few bucks and you can be helping save another child from becoming another statistic.

  6. Very nice setup

  11. "Big Papa" built for Brad Pitt by Jesse James.

  12. This is just so I don’t neglect the high speed low drag types. 

  13. I know I’ve posted this before, but I mean come on… Hemingway’s gun…

  14. There is just something special about this. I absolutely admire the craftsmen who work on these. 

  15. I just really like knives.