1. I don’t normally care for this kind of thing but good God this looks bad ass.

  3. I miss these days. I actually do.

  4. Very nicely made knife by Olamic and Bob Terzuola.

  5. Outstanding tool.


  6. Social Experiment: Reblog if you are American and know of at least one family member (distant or not) that owns a gun.


    Statistically speaking if your family contains more than 3 adults there is a high likelihood you are related to someone who owns a gun because roughly 33% of Americans are firearms owners.

    If we were talking about a country like Switzerland that likelihood would be even high since about 50% of their population are gun owners.

    No one in my direct family owns any firearms(other than myself obviously) but I do have an uncle and a cousin who hunt and own firearms.

    I have an uncle, my dad, and me.

    (Source: gretchdastretch, via oldschooltactical)

  7. I just love that barrel.

  8. This is a great thing to be a part of. It’s only a few bucks and you can be helping save another child from becoming another statistic.

  11. Very nice setup